Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plant Monitoring

Monitoring PV Installations gives you the ability to understand and troubleshoot your assets and detect failures quickly. The Wattmon solution lets you interface with multiple inverter brands and additional sensors and meters, making it a universal solution.

Inverter Monitoring

Wattmon devices can monitor a wide range of inverters, both on Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU (RS-485) as well as RS-232 (on Wattmon MEGA and Wattmon ULTRA). We support custom protocols and Modbus RTU/TCP to provide you with maximum flexibility.

Figure showing how multiple inverters and sensors can be daisy chained together

As long as devices support Modbus RTU or TCP the Wattmon can communicate with them and collect data.  Wattmon currently supports over 180 devices out of the box, and any additional ones can be integrated using a custom driver.

Supported Inverters

The currently supported inverters are listed below:
  1. ABB Trio-20.0(27.6)-TL
  2. ABB Pro-33.0-TL
  3. ABB Modbus TCP -- Sunspec
  4. ABB Trio-50.0/60.0-TL
  5. ABB Trio-50.0/60.0-TM / PVS-50.0TL
  6. ABB PVS-100/120-TL
  7. Canadian Solar GS / GI Inverters
  8. Chint Electric CPS30KTL
  9. Chint Electric CPS50KTL / CPS60KTL
  10. DASS Tech Inverter
  11. Delta RPI Series
  12. Delta RPI M6A-M50A Commercial Inverter
  13. Delta M50A-M125HV Commercial Inverter
  14. Emerson Liebert EEU+
  15. Evvo 10000TL-33000TL
  16. Evvo 50000TL
  17. Fronius Inverter -- Sunspec
  18. GoodWe SDT and SMT Series Inverter
  19. GoodWe MT Series Inverter
  20. GoodWe HT Series Inverter
  21. Growatt PV Inverter
  22. Growatt MAX Inverter
  23. Havells 20000TL-33000TL
  24. Havells 50000TL-70000TL
  25. Havells Enviro GTi 80KT-136KT-HV
  26. Huawei SUN2000 24.7-50KTL
  27. Huawei SUN2000 Commercial Inverter
  28. Huawei SUN2000 100-125KTL
  29. Ingeteam INGECON SUN 3PLAY
  30. Ingeteam INGECON SUN 3PLAY 100TL
  31. INVT MGxxKTL/BGxxKTR Series
  32. KACO new energy Tx1 and Tx3 Series
  33. Kehua Tech SPI 20K-160K String Inverter
  34. Kostal PIKO String Inverter
  35. Ksolare Inverter
  36. Kstar KSG1-60K Inverter
  37. Luminous NXi Inverter
  38. Omron KP__L-OD Grid Connect PV Inverter
  39. Power-One Micro Systems SGTU-xxx-N
  40. Power-One Micro Systems SGTU1-60K
  41. Polycab Inverter
  42. REFUsol Inverter -- SunSpec
  43. SAJ Sununo Plus and Suntrio Plus
  44. SOFAR Solar 20000TL-33000TL
  45. SOFAR Solar 20000TL-33000TL
  46. SOFAR Solar 80-136KTL-HV
  47. Solax Power X3-MIC (6K~10K)
  48. Schneider Conext TL
  49. Schneider Conext CL
  50. Schneider Conext CL 60E and 60A
  51. SMA Solid-Q 50
  52. SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1
  53. SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2
  54. SMA Sunny Boy & Sunny Tripower
  55. SMA Sunny Tripower 60 and SHP1
  56. SolarEdge
  57. Solis Ginlong 4G Inverters
  58. Solis Ginlong 5G Inverters
  59. Sungrow PV String Inverter - 100 Scale
  60. Sungrow PV String Inverter - 110 Scale
  61. Sungrow SGxxCX and SG250HX PV String Inverter
  62. Thea SE-TH 6.0-15.0 / 20.0-33.0 / 50.0-60.0 TL3 Inverter
  63. Waaree SDT and SMT Series Inverter
  64. Waaree MT Series Inverter
  65. Zeversolar
  66. Schneider Conext XW and XW+
  67. Statcon Energiaa ECO-HBD Series
  68. Victron Energy Color Control GX1
  69. Victron Energy Color Control GX2
  70. Consul Neowatt Sunbird 3000
  71. Voltronic Axpert MKS
  72. ABB PVS-800
  73. Delta DelCEN 1000 x 2 Utility Scale Solar Inverter
  74. Hitachi SPCS 500kW
  75. Schneider Conext SmartGen Series
  76. TMEIC Central Inverter