Wattmon is a flexible and easy-to-use device that merges three functions: Data Logging, Automation and Remote Monitoring with versatile applications.


What does it do?
Wattmon collects and stores data from batteries, meters and sensors, and displays the information you need through intuitive graphs on your mobile, tablet or PC. In addition, Wattmon can automatically control things or send emails via triggers based on various criteria such as available energy.  Wattmon helps hybrid setups maximize the use of renewable energy. 

WattmonPRO has multiple digital inputs and outputs on board, making it simple to automate anything from energy systems to sprinkler systems and small machines.

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Keeps track of remaining capacity and battery health.
Interface with Power meters to log AC energy - monitor your grid tie solar inverter production remotely.
Control devices around your home or company automatically. Meet the Internet of Things!
Automate your water pumping and monitor flow & tank levels.  Easy remote monitoring possible.
Monitor solar energy production and DC energy generated
Monitor wind production and control dump loads automatically
Measure temperature and interface with weather sensors remotely
Monitor cell phone tower batteries and automate charging



I don’t see anymore how it is possible to manage a solar system without the full monitoring and control provided by Wattmon, it is a small investment that makes the big one - of the solar system - finally 100% worth its value.
Didier / Auroville / India
I am very happy to be using a Wattmon; it is very practical and controls the charging, from the mains, of my battery bank during the night time, whenever the battery charge level falls below a certain level and stops the charging when it reaches another level. All these parameters are programmable and can even be managed remotely. As a result I believe my battery will have a longer and better life than otherwise. The Wattmon is being continuously improved and upgraded...it's a very necessary accessory to your solar power system.
Angad / Auroville / India
We have been impressed by the flexibility of the Wattmon, its simple programmability enabled us to use it for a complicated application that would otherwise have required designing our own device.
Mitra / Lumeter Networks / USA



How Can Wattmon Help You?


Versatile & Affordable Solutions

Plug & Play
Complete kits that require minimal work to get up and running quickly! Great for monitoring solar, wind and any DC energy.
Customized Services
If you have a setup that requires some customization or you wish us to install it for you, please contact us with your requirements.
Do It Yourself!
Discover how to unleash the full potential of Wattmon, from hardware to user interface and software customization!


New Wattmon Coming Soon

We are excited to announce a new version of Wattmon coming soon!  The new Wattmon will have the same feature set as the existing one, with some additional onboard IO ports: 4 digital inputs (opto isolated), 4 digital outputs (open collector), one relay output, 3 analog inputs (one 0-330V DC, 2 0-5V), one RS-232 Serial port, and one Onewire port in addition to the existing modbus port.  The device will be enclosed in a DIN rail mountable box with screw terminals for quick mounting in industrial environments.
This will reduce the overall cost of creating a simple automation solution such as tank control, automated inverter charging, communication with inverters over RS-232, etc.  Estimated launch date is mid-november 2014.

We are also releasing a single phase power meter module to measure up to 16A AC and provide data over modbus.  This is not a standalone power meter but requires a connection to Wattmon for power and data.  Parameters obtained are: Voltage, current, watts, frequency, kWh

Wattmon At Renewable Expo 2014

Come and visit us at the 8th Renewable Energy India Expo in Greater Noida, New Delhi India on September 3-5, 2014!  We will be there with a live demo and information to help you decide which of the Wattmon products could be used in your specific setups.

More about the expo here: www.renewableenergyindiaexpo.com/