Wattmon - Intelligent Remote Monitoring and Control

Wattmon helps you log data, monitor and control your devices over the Internet


Access your data over the Internet using any browser or smart phone


Log data and control your devices with automated rules - no programming required!


View intuitive graphs to understand and troubleshoot your system easily

Where can Wattmon be used?

Keeps track of remaining capacity and battery health.
Interface with Inverters and Power meters to log AC energy - monitor your grid tie solar inverter production remotely.
Control devices around your home or company automatically. Meet the Internet of Things!
Automate your water pumping and monitor flow & tank levels. Easy remote monitoring possible.
Monitor solar energy production and DC energy generated
Monitor wind production and control dump loads automatically
Measure temperature and interface with weather sensors remotely
Monitor cell phone tower batteries and automate charging

Features & Benefits

Highly Versatile
Lets you customise device to your exact needs
Easy To Use
Allows non-programmers to configure and automate
Accessible from your phone, tablet and pc.
Industry Compliant
Integrate new and existing devices easily using ModBus
Local Storage
Securely store your data locally, control who can see it
Write your own scripts in a built in editor using a PHP compatible language


I don’t see anymore how it is possible to manage a solar system without the full monitoring and control provided by Wattmon, it is a small investment that makes the big one - of the solar system - finally 100% worth its value.
Didier / Auroville / India
I am very happy to be using a Wattmon; it is very practical and controls the charging, from the mains, of my battery bank during the night time, whenever the battery charge level falls below a certain level and stops the charging when it reaches another level. All these parameters are programmable and can even be managed remotely. As a result I believe my battery will have a longer and better life than otherwise. The Wattmon is being continuously improved and upgraded...it's a very necessary accessory to your solar power system.
Angad / Auroville / India
We have been impressed by the flexibility of the Wattmon, its simple programmability enabled us to use it for a complicated application that would otherwise have required designing our own device.
Mitra / Lumeter Networks / USA

How Can Wattmon Help You?

Versatile Solutions

Remote Monitoring
Devices that let you get to your data remotely with minimal hassle
Customized Services
If you have a setup that requires some customization or you wish us to install it for you, please contact us with your requirements.
Understand the Wattmon system quickly


Wattmon News

Auroville, April 2, 2016

Over the past few months we have been rather silent, slowly working on improving the stability of the Wattmon products and developing the WattmonMINI, our low cost all-in-one solution for remote monitoring Modbus devices such as inverters or power meters.

The WattmonMINI is available in small volumes at present - please contact us for more information.

We have also started work on the WattmonPRO2, which will be using a more powerful processor tha has 4x the memory, allowing the device to do more and collect more data.


We have developed a pH and TDS modbus module for people looking to monitor water quality in hydroponic systems using the Wattmon.  We currently have a Wattmon system controlling our rooftop hydroponic NFT system and automatically regulating acidity, nutrient strength and water level.  For those of you interested in automated hydroponic farming, get in touch with us and we can send you more information.

Wattmon @ RE2015

Come visit us at stall C18 at the Renewable Energy Expo 2015 from Sept 23-25 this year in Greater Noida!