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Wattmon Operating System

The Wattmon data loggers and modules are powered by a highly versatile software interface called the WattmonOS, that allows for ease of use and is easily configurable using the existing graphical user interface and the built-in scripting engine.

Do note, while the ‘OS’ version can be updated by replacing certain files on the microSD card externally, the firmware update is always performed on the Wattmon device.

The web interface is multilingual and can be configured for English (the default), Español, Deutsch, Français, Hindi and Tamil.

Beyond the provided easy-configuration tools, it can be customized for any need in detail, as it includes a powerful OS, a set of uPHP functions for scripting, a cron scheduler, a File Manager and a built-in File Editor with the Visual Script Builder. Any software feature can be changed or customized, as the system is open and detailed documentation has been provided.

Understanding the Wattmon Operating System

The Wattmon data loggers' in-built web server interface has been documented in some detail in the Quick Start Guide which is regularly updated with each new OS build. The current guide details some of the settings found in Wattmon OS version 3.00.

The following sections have been categorized as per the layout within the WattmonOS, with the setup process for Modbus devices specifically detailed.

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